Orion and Friends

Orion” is an Alien that was sent to earth together with his 2 alien friends “Boogey” and “Binary” to explore and understand the weakening health of the planet earth. Orion befriended with a kampong boy named “Zul”, a Chinese girl named “MingMing”, and an Indian boy named “Raj”, which has bump into them while they landed on earth.  The Aliens form an alliance with Zul, MingMing and Raj to explore the human world and exchanges knowledge with each other. Along the adventurous journey, will they learnt to unite together? will they able to show their tremendous solidarity power in assisting each other against the “Evil Aliens” race that eagerly to destroy earth peace and harmony?

  1. Title: Orion and Friends
  2. Genre: Education / Adventure
  3. Format: 20 Episodes x 22 min
  4. Language: English
  5. Project status: 1 Episode ready in production…
Snapshot of Videos: